41590 Brick Headz Iron Man Review

I celebrated my birthday recently, and people were kind enough to get me all kinds of Lego. I said I would post about the sets I would get, and this is the first post in that series. A Brick Headz Iron Man.

Brick Heads Iron Man
Brick Headz Iron Man Package

Brick Headz

The Brick Headz series is a series of big(er) super hero/villain and Disney figures constructed of Lego bricks. According to the website there are 12 different sets. They are:

  • Batman
  • Batgirl
  • Robin
  • The Joker
  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Black Widow
  • Hulk
  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Captain Salazar
  • Belle
  • Beast


Lets see what’s in the box. It isn’t that big. There are two bags, a 4×6 plate and of course an instruction booklet.

Set package contents
Set package contents

The bags aren’t numbered but lets face it, it is not a big set. There do seem to be quite a few small pieces. I had expected the markings of the suit, the Arc reactor and the helmet to be stickers. They are in fact printed on the bricks, which I consider a good thing. Makes it harder to recycle the bricks but makes it look way better. I’m always having a hard time getting the stickers on straight.


The single booklet is 28 pages with 26 build steps. As with all instructions I have seen so far, it is very clear and easy to build. No more than eight bricks are added in any given step. But only if there are several similar bricks.

The build

Below is a short clip of the build instructions.

Building it was pretty straight forward. I’m guessing the age indication of 10+ is not because of the complexity but the fact that this is more of a display set than a play set. I’m thinking about putting this one on my desk at work,

The Price

The single figures are sold in regular stores and cost about € 10,00 or $ 10,00. Online, they are available a little cheaper, but you often you have to pay for shipping and handling.

After searching the internet for Brick Headz, I soon found there are sets with two figures as well. These seem to have been exclusive to the San Diego Comic Con and appear to be real collectors items with according prizes.


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