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A while back I wrote about getting Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter. I haven’t been blogging for a while. But I thought the Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter would be a nice one to start up again.


I think a review should describe the unboxing. But one has to notice how similar sets are boxed these days. The box contains the instruction booklet, three bags and a small sheet with stickers. I always hope sets contain printed parts rather than stickers. I guess this is a personal preference.

The set contains two favorite minifigs Yoda (duh) and R2-D2. Separate from the set they will make a great addition to my mini fig collection. Yoda, of course, is smaller than the average person and they made him smaller in minifig size as well. The did so by using non movable smaller legs.

The Build

Building this set was relatively fast and easy. There is a little bit of LEGO® Technic frame to attach the wings. The model does not feel quite as solid as some of my other sets but I think that is because of the wings. There is some slack in the wing mounts to the hull, but even with this slack it feels good. You can hold it in a variety of ways without having to worry it will break apart. This means you can really play with this set as well. Though I’m going to leave that to my sons.

Underside showing wing mount
Underside showing wing mount

R2-D2 has his own place on the outside of the fighter right behind the cockpit. Something we have seen often in the world of Star Wars.

R2-D2-in the back
R2-D2-in the back

On the bottom of the fighter are two “guns”. The set included three “bullets”. In general I don’t keep them loaded, on any of my models. They shoot quite far and sometimes I get the feeling they could take out an eye. With my three year old touching (read breaking) everything he can find (he actually managed to sneak into the attic and open some of my unopened LEGO® Friends sets).

The set comes with six stickers to be placed on the outside of the model. It is no secret I greatly prefer printed parts but the stickers were easy to place and do look good. I am wondering though as to why they did not include some form of printing or stickers for instruments in the cockpit. It would have added greatly to the detail.

Yoda without controls in his cockpit
Yoda without controls in his cockpit

The Price

The Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter set is available in the LEGO® shop for € 34,99 or $24,99. Kind of makes me wonder why there is that much price difference between the United states and the Netherlands.

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