75178 Star Wars Jakku Quad Jumper

For fathers day this year, my wife gave me a cool Star Wars set: Jakku Quad jumper. I had not yet started this blog and my Youtube channel┬áso I didn’t take many great pictures. When I started my blog I did not want to keep this set from you and I decided to do a little photoshoot.

Engine ejection

The last few photo’s show the engine ejection mechanism. The ejection system is a cool feature and my son likes to play with a lot. This mechanism only works if the Jumper is on the ground though. I think this is a good thing cause if one of those engines would fall, the wing thingy would definitly break off into smaller pieces. In our house, that means parts will disappear under a closet, cabinet or couch.


The set has five minifigs, including BB-8 which might not be considered an actual minifig. The diversity in figures allows my son to come up with many unique stories to play with. I’m even thinking about working them into a stop motion animation. But that is for another time.

Build quality

The set has a sturdy feel to it, which may be a little deceiving. I found some elements of the jumper to be quite fragile. The hatches and cockpit side panels come apart real easy. We are talking about Lego of course and this is easily fixable.


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