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After I published my last post, my wife decided she just had to build something. Something LEGO. She had her heart set on the DC Super hero high school.

41232 Super Hero High School
41232 Super Hero High School

So I was sent to the store to pick one up. With it being Sunday and all, only one toy store was actually open. Once I got there the search began. Unfortunatly there was no DC super hero girls LEGO anywhere. After searching for about 15 minutes I decided to ask a store employee. She checked their website and discovered, they just don’t have it. Bummer.

I called my wife to give her the bad news. She too was bummed out but swiftly came with instructions to buy another set. Her itch just had to be scratched. My only assignment… It had to have a dragon. That limited my choices to the LEGO Elves series.

Queens Dragon’s Rescue

41179 Queens Dragon's rescue box
41179 Queens Dragon’s rescue box

The set I got for her was 41179, Queens Dragon’s Rescue. Once I got home my wife and my son got ready to start building.

Step one of course was opening the box. Inside were seven numbered plastic bags, a bag containing stickers, the dragon wings and instruction booklet. Also there was a single small, unnumbered bag containing the top part of the dragons head.

41179 box contents
41179 box contents

My wife got some small bins to hold the bag contents, where I just dump the contents on the table.

First up was the building. and the two minifigs.


The minifigs don’t look anything like regular minifigs. I must be getting old, cause as good as they look, I didn’t like them. I did like the fact that the hood for the left minifig can be exchanged for a nice hairdo.

Besides two minifigs the set also has a really small creature, resembling a squirrel and a fox. The fox is on top of the tower in the picture below.


The building seemed easy enough, though there were various moving parts.

The building
The building

The pink step like things on the right are loose and can be taken off. The stone like round plates can slide left and right by turning the cylinder on the back row.  The door in the bottom of the tower can slide all the way up and on the top of the tower is a functional crossbow. We did not show our kids how that works. Even though our oldest has several Star Wars sets with similar guns.


After the building the dragon was up. It was kind of the main event for this set. I think the dragon had more parts than the entire building and it took them at least as long to build.


I must say, the dragon is awesome. It is pretty big and has a solid feel to it. Its weight means you cannot make it stand on two legs unless it is standing up against something. Meaning the poses are somewhat limited. I don’t think my son has any problems with that when he is playing with it.


Even though she had her heart set on the super hero high school this proved to be a great alternative. They spent just over three hours building it and my son has had several hours of playtime with it already. I suspect there will be many more to come before he professionally  disassembles it.

Even though I did not really like the minifigs, I do see how they can appeal more to the target audience for the set.

It is not a set I would have bought for myself. But in true LEGO style it is a good quality set. Many elements to move and it has a good solid feel to it.

I picked up the set at the local toy store for €74,99. The LEGO shop however offers it for $69,99.

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