New Beginnings

Welcome to my new blog

I decided to take the name from the old one and begin a new one. One that combines my hobbies, Lego bricks, Film and Photography.

I was really into Lego bricks when I was a lot younger. At some point I stopped, since Lego bricks are for kids.  Little did I know that there is an entire AFOL community out there. AFOL by the way, stands for Adult Fan Of Lego, something I learned not long ago.

Now that I have two sons of my own I get to play with Lego bricks again. And I plan to take it a little further than I did last time. Since I quit, Lego has put out a great many new sets and ideas. I specifically like the Star Wars and Super hero sets and I hope to show you a lot of those.

75178 Jakku Quadjumper
Jakku Quadjumper

Film & Photography

If you are reading this I probably don’t have to tell you Lego bricks are awesome. The idea of being able to build just about anything is why I like it so much. But also because it goes great with other hobbies like film and photography.

75178 Jakku Quadjumper Rey, Finn & BB-8

Besides great pictures of sets and figures I want to create stop motion animation films around Lego bricks. The stop motion is a new development and I’m only just getting started. The first ones will probably be really simple and short. Once I have something to show I will post about it and put it up on YouTube. Exact channel details will follow.

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