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Recently when thinking about topics to post about my wife suggested talking about something else than actual Lego. She thought it would be a good idea to talk about the Lego computer games available. I agreed. So this post is mostly about Lego but not Lego.


I already knew Lego also did computer games. My oldest has been playing Lego Duplo games for a while and has since moved on to other Lego games. Now my youngest is picking up the Duplo games.

LEGO Duplo Trains
LEGO Duplo Trains

But I had underestimated the amount of games available. Lego games are available for pretty much every major platform ranging from android and Iphone to Xbox and Playstation.

I don’t have a Playstation or Xbox so my gaming is somewhat limited to an android tablet or phone. But a quick search of Lego in the app store yielded too many games to install or review.

I found that some of the games interact an actual real life component. For some Ninjago games it is possible to scan the shields with the device camera and get ingame items or boosts in return. This is something I had only seen before with my sons Transformers.

This element of gameplay gives a whole new dimension to the game. My son enthousiastically tells me all about what shields he has for which minifig and what happened in the game when he used it. Combining the two, the game and the shields, was a good idea. Probably also good for marketing.

Most of the games I’ve seen seem well thought out. Aimed for the younger audience the games take good care of the player and guide them through the various options. Mostly transparant bricks or overlays on screen tell the player what to do. In minutes my son had a handle on the game and seemed to be able to play it without any help.

LEGO® Juniors Build & Drive - safe free kids game
LEGO® Juniors Build & Drive – safe free kids game


Anyone reading this post has probably already seen a Lego movie. Most recently the Batman Lego movie was released. But they are not limited to feature movies.

Source:, Freemakers Adventures

The Star Wars Lego tv shows are my favorite. Though  I only get to see it when my son watches.

The weird thing about these films though is that no actual Lego bricks are used in them. Everything is computer generated meaning the minifig legs can bend. Something completely impossible in stop motion.


But Lego doesn’t stop there. There is plenty of merchandising around Lego available. Key chain hangers, flashlights,  stuffed figures, lunch boxes and much more. My son was crazy about a Stuffed Lego Batman figure we saw in the Lego Discovery Center gift shop.

Lego Batman stuffed figure
Lego Batman stuffed figure

Other not Lego

A while back the patents on Lego bricks expired. It opened up the market for legal Lego clones. Even with the patents expiring and other companies being able to produce bricks, such as Blox, BanBao and Kre-O. Lego still seems to be the household name for bricks. As far as I know, none of the other brands have merchandising or media as Lego does.

For me that is not really an issue. I rarely buy Lego merchandise. Most of what I do buy is for my children. As for available sets. I would really like to see Star Trek and Transformers sets. They already exist. Kre-O holds the licensing for both. They have some nice looking models, but for some reason they just don’t give me the feel Lego does. I can’t really put my finger on why not. I have a Kre-O bumblebee my wife got me and it looks good. The others I was only able to checkout online. Not many stores carry Kre-O here. And the Star Trek sets I have never even seen in real life.

Either way it feels as if more thought has gone into the Lego sets.

The upside though, Kre-O, Blox and BanBao seem to be cheaper than the official Lego sets. If all you do is build because you like to build. There is something to be said for the pricing.

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