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When I was young I used to play with Lego bricks a lot. Even though I didn’t have many different bricks, most were regular plates and bricks. Every once in a while my father would clear out the dining table so we could build a giant mansion on one of those big grey base plates. It would be white with windows, doors, a red roof and a garden. Of course it looked a lot bigger then than it does now. Looking back, it wasn’t that challenging to build. Pretty straight forward. All pieces were used in the way I imagine they were intended. This is what I have come to think of as ‘Old school’.

Lego Ideas

Since I have started up Lego again I found a whole new world out there of people building amazing things. Builds that could and perhaps should be their own set. Some people post their work to the Lego ideas site. The idea behind this site is awesome. Build something cool, make sure others think so as well and support your build. Once you get 10000 followers the Lego group will review your build to see if it can be made into a real Lego set. Creations of people are also referred to as MOC’s (My Own Creation). Below is my current favorite on the Lego Ideas site.

Lego Ideas Stitch
Lego Ideas Stitch

Build techniques

Many of these MOC’s use some pretty advanced build techniques such as studlessness and SNOT, like Stitch above. I find these techniques very interesting and would like to research them some more. As I do, I plan to write some more posts about these techniques. From what I can tell there is one major difference between techniques. They are either legal or they are not. When building a set intended to be an official Lego set, only legal build techniques can be used.

From what I can tell, the main problem with illegal build techniques is that they put undesired stress on bricks. Which could cause the bricks to break in time. An awesome read on build techniques can be found onĀ bram lambrecht’s web space.

Like I said, when I was younger I didn’t have many ‘special’ bricks. So to make things I had to be creative and use my imagination. Besides Lego bricks I really likes airplanes a lot. Below is a recreation of a plane I build a lot. An F-16.

Lego F-16
Lego F-16

In that picture you can see my favorite all be it ‘illegal’ special build technique. Have you already spot it? Here is a close up.

F-16 tail section, illegal technique
F-16 tail section, illegal technique

For me it was the only way to make a tail fin for any plane. And I made a lot of planes.

I’m eager to hear about your techniques, legal or otherwise. So please leave me a comment. Perhaps I can add it to my list, which I will publish once I have it well enough documented.

So check in again later. I aim to have a new post every Sunday.

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