Privacy statement

As of may first 2018 bloggers are required to have a privacy statement in order to comply with GDPR the new European General Data Protection Regulation. respects your privacy. The statement below explains how we accomplish this by explaining what personal information we store and how we treat it.


If you wish to contact me you can do so by sending a mail to or by leaving a reply to any post on

Handling of personal data

There are two ways for to get personal information about our readers. They are listed below.

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics to see how many people are visiting my site. I get to see the general area of where they are located, which posts they read and when. This information is used to get insight in the way visitors read and click through the site. This information allows me to further optimize the site. No personal information is actually shared. Google Analytics uses your IP adres to retrieve the information. We did not authorize Google Analytics to share any personal data with third parties. More information on Google Analytics can be found here.

Commenting on a post

At the bottom of each post is an option to leave a comment. If you do your IP adres will be available to me. Providing a name and email address is required to do so. Your email address will not be shown on the website and is used primarily to block spam. Your comment and the information you provided while commenting will remain on the website for as long as the post is online and can be viewed by other visitors.

Storing personal data

Visitors under 16 years of age

We have no intention of collecting any information about visitors not yet 16 years of age unless they have permission from their legal guardian. It is however impossible for me to check if a visitor is actually at least 16 years of age. If you believe personal information was collected for someone younger than 16, feel free to contact me at I can then delete the relevant information.

Data retention

Data is will not be kept longer than one year. Comments will be visible online for as long as the post is online.

Requesting, removing or adjusting information

By visiting you provide authorization to process your information. You have the right to view, correct or remove that information. Besides that you have the right to withdraw your authorization or object to processing your personal information.

You can request to view, correct or transfer your personal information or withdraw your authorization by sending an email with your request to


Cookies are small files that the webserver sends to the browser and are stored by the browser on your computers hard drive. These cookies will be send back to the webserver when you visit again.

Google Analytics uses cookies from Google. I do this to see how visitors are using my website. Google will only provide the acquired information to third parties if they are legally required to do so or if those parties process the information on behalf of Google. To protect your privacy I entered into a data processing agreement with Google and disabled the sharing of data. I also enabled the anonymous IP option. Google is an American company and stores information on American servers.

Disable and remove cookies

Cookies can be disabled and removed through your browser settings. Your browsers help function can tell you how to accomplish that.

More information?

If you would like more information about GDPR you can visit this page or search for GDPR in a search engine.

I took great care in writing this policy. If for some reason you think it should be amended or altered please send me a mail at