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Yesterday I read a tweet about the new Star Wars Millenium Falcon UCS and the only thing that went through my head is, this thing is awesome, I want it.

Fair warning, you will see the word awesome a lot, cause why else would I write a blog about Lego.

The set looks amazing. It is very detailed and can switch between the ‘old’ look and the ‘new’. The minifigs included are from both the old and the new movies. The only downside of this set is the price. A whopping $799.99. I live in the Netherlands and the price here is going to be €849,00. That is even worse.

But it got me thinking. What sets are actually on my wish list. So here it is.

1. Star Wars Millenium Falcon UCS 75192

I have never seen this in real life, probably because the release date is October 1st 2017. But the demonstration makes it look awesome. Incredible detailing and if the rumors are correct, it is the biggest Star Wars set to date with 7541 pieces.

75192 Millennium Falcon, source Lego.com
75192 Millennium Falcon, source Lego.com

2. Marvel Super Heroes, The SHIELD Helicarrier 76042

76042 Marvel Super Heroes SHIELD Helicarrier. Source Lego.com
76042 Marvel Super Heroes SHIELD Helicarrier. Source Lego.com

At 2996 pieces not as big as the Falcon on 1. But I’m kind of a super heroes fan and I think this one is awesome. Besides that, I’m working on learning stop motion animation and I think this could be in some cool stories. I would have to build the interior in separate sets, because the carrier does not seem to have an interior that can fit actual minifigs.

All this for only $349.99 in the Lego shop.

3. NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309

Iconic. Saturn V is the rocket that took man to the moon. This one meter tall model is a detailed reminder of that. It includes a moon lander and the return vehicle. The fact that it is temporarily sold out tells me I’m not the only one to want this.

21309 Saturn V. Source Lego.com
21309 Saturn V. Source Lego.com

I don’t expect this one to be the center piece of many stop motion animations, but you have to admit, at one meter tall it will look amazing in any collection.

Available in the Lego store for $119,99.

4. Star Wars Death Star 75159

This one goes in the Need I say more or Duh…, category. It features 23 minifigs. In an open Death Star that has many rooms from the movie. This is like a one stop shop movie set for my stop motion films. Though some of the rooms may be a little small to shoot.

75159 Death Star source Lego.com
75159 Death Star source Lego.com

The Lego shop sells this at $499.99

5. Star Wars Snowspeeder 75144

75144 Star Wars Snowspeeder. Source Lego.com
75144 Star Wars Snowspeeder. Source Lego.com

Even though this particular model was not as big in the films as say, an X-wing or Star Destroyer. It was still awesome. The details on this model are equally awesome. Opening air brakes and a good balance between flat and stubbed surfaces.

In the shop for $199.99.

Only 5

I made the list short, other wise I’d end up listing most of the Lego.com web shop. I also stuck to sets on there. There are many other, mostly older, sets I find equally interesting. Also, the sets are fairly expensive. The reason for that is very simple. I can actually buy the cheaper sets.

With three out of the top five being Star Wars, I’m sensing a theme. I must say I love Science Fiction and keep hoping on official Star Trek models.

For today’s post I was actually planning to review and film the build of Yoda’ s Jedi Star fighter 75168. Lacking time, I was unable to complete it before today. So that one is coming soon.



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